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At Lio Carpenter Company and Carpentry Service, you will find an expert carpenter in Springfield, NJ and the surrounding areas! Our team is committed to providing top-quality services to meet your needs, from closet installation to closet design. We guarantee unparalleled workmanship for every project we take on.

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We Specialize in the Following Services:

Custom Closet Design

Custom Closet Design

Our custom closet design service offers a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. By carefully analyzing your specific needs and preferences, our experts create reliable designs that maximize storage space while ensuring ease of access. Don’t settle for anything less than a custom-made solution when it comes to organizing your belongings.
Custom Closet Installation

Custom Closet Installation

With our carpentry service, you can count on precise and efficient custom closet installations. Our skilled team uses cutting-edge techniques and materials to guarantee each fitted storage unit is seamlessly integrated into your living space. Say goodbye to cluttered rooms as our experts transform your interiors with custom-fitted closets.
Custom Pantries

Custom Pantries

Transform your kitchen with our custom pantries designed to match your home’s style and maximize efficiency. Our craftsmen work closely with you to create the perfect pantry solution that caters to your requirements. From shelves and drawers to unique storage systems, we provide you with an organized space that simplifies meal preparation and keeps your ingredients easily accessible.
Custom Storage Solutions

Custom Storage Solutions

No two spaces are alike, which is why we believe in providing bespoke storage solutions for every client! Our team delivers innovative designs that optimize usable space while maintaining visual appeal by identifying your unique needs. From shelves to cabinets, trust us with all your storage requirements.
Custom Walk-In Closets

Custom Walk-In Closets

Experience the luxury and exceptional organization of custom walk-in closets tailored to your needs. We are an expert carpenter who can meticulously craft each design to enhance your space, considering aesthetics and functionality in equal measure. With our personalized storage solutions, you’ll be able to find all your belongings instantly while enjoying a well-organized closet environment.

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Why Choose Us?

Hiring a professional closet carpenter like Lio Carpenter Company and Carpentry Service guarantees superior results each time. Our skilled team works relentlessly toward meeting clients’ expectations by delivering tailored solutions that match their individual needs. Additionally, our unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality craftsmanship ensures that each project is completed with precision and care. As a result, your home is transformed into a streamlined living space where you can effortlessly locate all your belongings. Save time, and effort, and maximize efficiency with our custom closets and storage solutions!

Our Work Process

We begin every project with an in-depth consultation to understand your specific requirements. Once we have a clear idea of what you need, our designers prepare detailed blueprints for your approval. This involves incorporating stylistic preferences as well as spatial constraints to ensure that every installation is the perfect fit. After finalizing the design, our carpenter company skillfully executes the installation with minimal disruption to your daily life. We provide thorough aftercare services so that you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that we’re always here for support or assistance should you need it.

Learn More About Our Company

Lio Carpenter Company and Carpentry Service was established in 2018 to provide outstanding service quality and workmanship at competitive rates. Backed by seven years of industry experience and an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, we have continuously proven ourselves as the leading choice for a professional carpentry service.

Serving the Surrounding Areas

Besides Springfield, NJ, we proudly cater to its surrounding areas, helping countless clients achieve beautiful spaces. The list below highlights other locations we serve:

  • Summit, NJ
  • Roselle Park Borough, NJ
  • New Providence Borough Jersey, NJ
  • Westfield Town, NJ
  • Chatham Township, NJ

Ready to transform your home with beautiful custom walk-in closet design solutions? Trust Lio Carpenter Company and Carpentry Service with all your carpentry needs and return to a tidy, clutter-free living environment. Get in touch with us today for a consultation.

Services List

  • Custom Closet Design
  • Custom Closet Installation
  • Custom Storage Solutions
  • Custom Walk-In Closets
  • Custom Pantries